1st International emerging photovoltaics workshop on the 15-16 June in Tallinn – take part via online streaming

Laboratory for thin film energy materials is organising the 1st International Workshop on Emerging Inorganic Chalcogenides Photovoltaics (ReNewPV). This Workshop takes place on the 15th and 16th of June at Tallink Spa & Conference Hotel, Tallinn, Estonia.

The ReNewPV Workshop brings together leading and pioneering academic and industry researchers from across Europe and worldwide, targeting to pool current and stimulate further research development and deployment of emerging inorganic chalcogenide thin-film PV technologies. This workshop is organised in the frame of COST Action CA21148, and it is a unique event primarily focused on the discussions of the progress in the development of emerging inorganic materials.

Nearly 90 scientists around the world gather to Tallinn to present their latest R&D. Amongst others, oral presentations are given by Dr. Robert Arndt from CTF Solar GmbH-st, Prof. Marika Edoff from Uppsala University, Prof. Edgardo Saucedo from UPC, Prof. Philip Dale from University of Luxembourg and Prof. Keith McKenna from University of York.

More info: https://renewpv.eu/1st-international-workshop-on-emerging-inorganic-chalcogenides-photovoltaics/

The ReNewPV workshops official language is English and is open for everyone via online broadcast https://eventmedia.ee/renewpv/