First round of Short Term Scientific Missions

The first round of applying for short-term scientific missions is now over. There were eight successful proposals comprising four Ph.D. students, three post-docs, and one professor, with an equal gender balance between the awardees. A map of the different exchanges is given above, as well as a table summarising the different activities. Once the missions are completed awardees will give feedback to the network on their experiences. Stay tuned…
Affiliation Title Host institute Grant Start Date Grant End Date
Uppsala Uni, Sweden Charge transport study of BaZrS3; an emerging class of materials for tandem solar cells Uni of Twente, Netherland 12/06/2023 23/06/2023
Uni of Liverpool, UK Post-deposition processing of Sb2Se3 and Sb2(S,Se)3 solar cells Uni of Verona, Italy 25/06/2023 03/07/2023
Instituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare, Italy Ag2S-CdS NWs/Ag NWs/GNP-based materials for Photovoltaics FA Uni Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany 01/05/2023 15/05/2023
Uni of Liverpool, UK Partner Layers for CdSeTe Solar Cells TalTech, Estonia 23/04/2023 29/04/2023
Baku State University, Azerbaijan MWCNT/CuS NWS based materials for photovoltaics Uni NOVA de Lisboa, Portugal 19/06/2023 30/06/2023
Polytechnic Uni of Catalonia, Spain Machine learning driven study of point defects in chalcohalides-based solid solutions for photovoltaic applications. Uni College London, UK 01/05/2023 30/06/2023
Ilia State University, Georgia Study of optoelectronic properties by Kelvin Probe and Confocal Photoluminescence Microscopy of nanograting layers Technical Uni, Czech Republic 16/07/2023 29/07/2023
Uni degli Studi di Firenze, Italy In-depth electronic and structural characterization of Cu2ZnSnS4 thin films and hybrid inorganic-organic devices Uni of Oxford, UK 16/04/2023 15/06/2023