RENEW PV WG3 & WG4 Sputtering Masterclass

On June 6th 2023, subgroup leaders Dr. Nicole Fleck and Dr. Elisa Artegiani ran an online sputtering masterclass for WG3 and WG4. Nine speakers from seven institutes presented on the topic covering working principles with a focus on the applications of sputtering to the completion of chalcogenide-based solar cells. Topics such as targets, DC and RF sputtering, material growth, monitoring material growth and reactive sputtering were presented along with the effect of changing key parameters such as power, pressure, temperature and substrate-target distance. Almost 60 masters and PhD students, PDRAs, and academics from across Europe attended the workshop and participated in the discussion that followed. The event encouraged an informal discourse and provided a platform to troubleshoot and share knowledge about equipment and processes. A detailed catalogue of available sputtering systems at various institutes within the RENEW PV network was also compiled. The catalogue and presentation slides of this workshop are available upon request from Nicole or Elisa.