Material Processing


The WG3 acts as the core group for absorber materials development which will encompass the inorganic chalcogenides absorbers but also any associated device partner layers. Targeted final device structures and materials of promise will be informed by simulation outputs from WG2 and this will determine appropriate substrates/underlayers required for growth optimisation. Fine control of the absorber properties and interfaces is fundamental to improving the performance of devices. Continuous sample exchanges and associated feedback will occur with teams from WG4 and WG5. Outputs from this group will feed into cell prototyping of various structures in WG4 and feedback on functionality will inform further development of deposition processes. Layers and stacks developed in WG3 will be provided for in-depth characterisation via WG5 which will produce libraries of information related deposition methodology to materials properties. To better facilitate interactions sub-WGs will be established to focus on aspects such as flexible, indoor, tandem and BIPVB applications with associated subgroups in WG4 and WG5.
The main tasks of the WG3 is: 

WG3 Steering Group

Dr Rokas Kondrotas

Working Group 3 Leader
Center for Physical Sciences and Technology

Dr Nicole Fleck

Sub-group 1 (PVD) Leader
Northumbria University

Dr. Ryan Crisp

Sub-group 2 (Solution) Leader
Friedrich Alexander Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Dr Esteban Ojeda-Durán

Sub-group 3 (Functional layers) Leader
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México