Advanced Characterization


Activities in this WG will be to provide high level materials and device level characterisation to support and enhance the activities of WG2-4. Materials/devices for analysis will be supplied by WG3/4 and in return WG5 will provide vital data for process and device optimisation. WG5 will also provide WG2 with the optical, electrical and optoelectronic parameters required for the materials and devices modelling, with results being used to validate theoretical predictions. Examples of the groups actions are: i) Link to WG2 – XPS/UPS/HAXPES studies to assess recombination losses or transport barriers in the devices, validating band alignment predictions, ii) Link to WG3 – SEM, TEM and XRD for the deep assessment of the structural properties of the materials, advanced resonant Raman scattering methodologies for assessment of the crystalline structure, alloy composition and identification of potential secondary phases, advanced PL and electro-optical techniques for analysis of the optoelectronic properties of the layer and iii) Link to WG4, device level characterisation of electrically active defects, electron microscopy based techniques for characterisation relevant device interfaces, stability/lifetime testing and correlation of materials properties between base materials and complete devices, performance loss analysis.
The main tasks of the WG5 is: 

WG5 Steering Group

Professor Susan Schorr

Working Group 5 Leader
Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin