Cost, Lifecycle And Environmental Analysis


This WG will seek to make assessments on the cost of fabrication of device structures developed by other WGs. Assessments of the environmental footprint for potential production processes which include CO2 cost, human toxicity, freshwater ecotoxicity and critical raw materials availability will be made. Full lifecycle analysis for module level production will be undertaking including consideration of potential recycling and material recovery routes. Comparisons will be made with established industrial module technologies in equivalent application areas to determine the potential cost benefits of further development. For new device concepts developed WG6 will also consider i) any added value on environmental impact e.g. more efficient use of the materials/processes and reduced carbon footprint and ii) improved social acceptance and associated impact on socioeconomic performance such as identification of barriers and drivers for the social acceptance of new PV technology solutions. This WG will also provide a global comparative LCA of technologies developed in the project, most primed for large scale the adoption with a low environmental and climate impact.
The main tasks of the WG6 are: 

WG6 Steering Group

Professor Marika Edoff

Working Group 6 Leader
Uppsala University